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Tax Strategy for the Week (November 29th, 2013)

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Independent Contractors – How to Avoid Tax Problems
 Tax Issue

There is a real incentive for small business owners to try to avoid payroll taxes and the administrative red tape that goes along with hiring workers as employees. Treating workers as independent contractors is tempting when one considers that there is no corresponding payroll tax return to file, no employer matching for FICA, no unemployment tax, and no workers’ compensation insurance to purchase. The only administrative cost of treating a worker as an independent contractor is the requirement to issue a 1099 to the worker at […]

Tax Strategy for the Week (October 11th, 2013)

Employee Business Expenses – Avoiding Tax Problems
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Employees may be able to deduct their unreimbursed work-related expenses as itemized deductions subject to the 2% AGI limitation. Deductible expenses are those that are ordinary and necessary expenses and which are not reimbursed. Various substantiation rules apply depending on the type of deduction that is claimed. Without properly planning ahead of time so that the taxpayer retains the necessary documentation required, the IRS could disallow deductions for unreimbursed employee business expenses.

Applicable Tax Law

Ordinary and necessary expenses which are not reimbursed by an employer are deductible.

1.) Ordinary expense: An expense that is […]

Small Business Requirements for Obamacare

The health insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare) will open on October 1, 2013.  Most small-business employers—those with 50 or fewer full-time employees—are not required to offer health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  Additionally, businesses with more than 50 full-time employees have gotten a reprieve from penalties if they don’t offer insurance for at least one-year. However, all companies, regardless of size, are required to notify their employees about the Obamacare health insurance marketplace.  The state and federal insurance exchanges are websites on which individuals and small businesses can shop for […]