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Tax Strategy for the Week (December 20th, 2013)

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Transfers to Charity at Death
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A gift to charity at death is deductible for estate tax but generally not for income tax. Lifetime gifts to charity, on the other hand, reduce the taxable estate and also provide an income tax deduction. The problem with a sizable lifetime charitable gift, however, is that it may leave the donor uncertain about their future financial security. The safest course is to wait until death to be sure that the money will not be needed.


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Most gifts to charity, regardless of the amount, are fully deductible for […]

Tax Strategy for the Week (December 13th, 2013)

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Turning Charitable Contributions into Advertising Expenses
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Charitable contributions made by businesses do not receive the same tax treatment as advertising expenses. Contributions are subject to various limitations and restrictions at both the entity and personal tax level. Carryovers are generally limited to five years and unused deductions are forfeited. Partners, S corporation shareholders, and sole proprietors deduct charitable donations on Schedule A.  Any tax benefit depends on the taxpayer’s marginal tax bracket, potentially resulting in unequal tax treatment among shareholders or partners. The charitable contribution loses its vale as a tax deduction for individuals […]

Tax Strategy for the Week (November 29th, 2013)

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Independent Contractors – How to Avoid Tax Problems
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There is a real incentive for small business owners to try to avoid payroll taxes and the administrative red tape that goes along with hiring workers as employees. Treating workers as independent contractors is tempting when one considers that there is no corresponding payroll tax return to file, no employer matching for FICA, no unemployment tax, and no workers’ compensation insurance to purchase. The only administrative cost of treating a worker as an independent contractor is the requirement to issue a 1099 to the worker at […]

Tax Strategy for the Week (Novemeber 22nd, 2013)

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How to Turn a Vacation into a Business Deduction
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The unreimbursed cost of travel away from home for business purposes is generally deductible, but travel for personal reasons is never deductible. It is not unusual for travel to include both business and personal elements. Since IRS rules permit a deduction for the business portion of a mixed-use trip, determining what constitutes a business day becomes critical. A careful taxpayer can combine business and personal travel and maximize the amount that is deductible on Schedule C, Form 2106, or a business tax return.

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Travel […]

Tax Strategy for the Week (Novemeber 15th, 2013)

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Business Expenses Paid With Personal Funds – How to Avoid Tax Problems

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In an ideal situation, a business entity pays for all of its business expenses from its own funds, and business expenses are kept separate from personal expenses. However, sometimes employees, corporate shareholders, LLC members, partners, and sole proprietors pay for business expenses with personal funds as a matter of necessity or of convenience. Business expenses paid with personal funds might include vehicle expenses, overnight travel, business meals, and any expense that is an ordinary and necessary expense of a business entity, and, […]